Who We are

As a mechanical engineering major, Ximena Prugue, 21, was always interested in design. She was involved in a student organization, S.A.I.D (Students Against Infectious Diseases) that raised over $13,000 to build tilapia farms in Haiti before the earthquake hit. After reading about increased affordability of solar-powered flashlights through design blogs, she developed Giving the Green Light as a commitment to action for the Clinton Global Initiative University meeting.  After her acceptance and success at CGIU, Giving the Green Light was incorporated as a non-profit with 501(c)3 tax exemption status.

Along with Prugue is Stephany Torres, 24, and FIU graduate of Hospitality and editor for Fabrika Link. Torres and Prugue combined forces for Giving the Green Light in April 2010 and have been successful in their goals towards energy poverty alleviation. Giving the Green Light hopes to set a model for teens and young adults wanting to be proactive about social issues but not sure about how to do so. We believe that the implementation of renewable energy sources and decreasing our dependence on oil relies on educating and enticing the next generation to get involved.

Contact us:

Ximena Prugue : ximenaprugue@gmail.com

Stephany Torres : stephany@epoplife.com